Sunday, July 2, 2006

Entry for July 02, 2006

This is a picture of a cheap imitation plaster bust of somebody. We call it Apollo, but it actually isn't Apollo. I also believe it to not be a bust of Pallas above my chamber door, particularly since it lacks a perched Raven. Anyway, the bust of "Apollo" has been in the possession of my pal Nate. It used to be in his swanky Fort Worth Apartment/townhouse thingy surrounded by fake ivy. Of course, we made fun of him about this.
So, when 2-Tons decided to buy a house, we naturally thought it would be a fabulous idea to bury the thing in either his backyard or the foundation (as they hadn't started building the house yet). So, one afternoon, Nate, Greg (2-Tons bro-in-law) and I met up at the Irish Pub and proceeded to take some pictures. We took this one at the pub and then Nate and I went out to the house site and took more pictures. We attempted to bury it, but 2-Tons pre-historic backyard was just rocks and concrete-like dirt. After spending much time trying to dig a hole, we decided to give up because:
A) The ground was too hard
B) It was starting to rain and
C) One of the neighbors started watching us suspiciously and we were afraid the cops were gonna show up.
I don't know where the bust is now...
Anyway, I had intended on writing something else, but it's too late to get started on the things I want to write about so I figured I'd post this dopey story and picture instead.
Here are some topics I hope to write about this week:
Flag Burning
The US National soccer team, Bruce Arena, the MLS and why we suck at World Cup
Stupid Hippies (read the story)
Stupid religion twits and movie ratings (read the story)
Peace Protesters
The religious left
Oh yeah, and while I'm thinking about, if anybody around here wants to play tennis, let me know. I haven't played in years and I'm itchin' for a game.

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