Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Boom goes the hard drive

Okay, so my hard drive is dead. So I gotta get a new one. That sucks... I hope I can manage to pull off my irreplaceble stuff from the old drive. Stupid technology.
So, despite all the other things on my list of stuff to talk about, today I got irritated by a television commercial so now I'm gonna bitch about medical science.
Some show was previewing its report about people using crap they find at the bottom of the ocean to potentially cure a bunch of diseases.
Let me ask you this... if you find cures for cancer and AIDS and alzheimers and whatever else.... then what? We make it easier to have healthy children then enable that population boom to live longer lives. Where are all these people gonna live? I hope their non-cancer ridden asses are prepared to work until the new improved retirement age of 95 because nobody's gonna be able to live 40 years on the pennies they receive from social security. That's even assuming there are any jobs that people can do... the computers are gonna take away all the non-thinking manual labor jobs anyway.
Have you ever really thought about Utopia? No disease, no famine, no unhappiness, blah blah blah... what the hell do people do? How does anything get done? You can babble on about people working for the good of the community and all your socialism crap, but face it, that ain't gonna happen. Humans are inherantly competitive and require something other than a smile and a hug to make busting your ass worthwhile every day.
Off topic... anyway, the point of that last section was... does anybody really think utopia is a real possibility? I know people are stupid, but come on. You can't wipe out a disease... it just won't happen. And even if you could, what sort of ramifications would that have on the natural balance of the planet? Not that it matters. See, the thing about disease is, everytime you get close to making real progress, the itty-bitty cellular entities, like viruses, will mutate because they are far more adaptable to change than humans are. Do you think that down at the influenza library they have something as stupid as "Who Moved My Cheese?" Hell no! They've got "How to mutate into something that lives on cheese and can wipe out half of Wisconsin in three months."
Regardless of what you might think, humans are not the end all be all of existence. The planet would probably be better off if we disappeared. I think it would get along just fine without our screwing with the natural order.
Go ahead and keep using all that time, effort, and money on finding ways to make more humans live longer. That's just more people that will eventually die anyway.

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