Friday, November 18, 2005


Ray Grabeel is made of meat,
He don't like your smelly feet,
When he works he cuts some wood,
but he don't comb his hair too good.

When you prance on a bed of thongs
Old Man Willard bangs his gongs
I took the train to Sheboygan
So I could buy a Tea Toy Can

(This is the refrain)
Don't put your pants on
Don't take 'em off
When you got a meatloaf
better not cough

(15th Verse)
Clorox Bleach is made of people
I found 50 bucks in the steeple
That's where George made flavored bread
Out of Aunt Jamima's Head

Four words from a Batman Comic Book
Crystal MENSA defuse look
I've got a magnet that looks like Elvis
Best to not look at his Pelvis


(3rd Verse)
Peas Peas Peas peas Peas peas Peas
Sneeze Sneeze Sneeze Sneeze Sneeze Sneeze Sneeze
Yes I guess that I am lazy
but at least I'm not that plazy

Made up words and sausage pinors
just to rhyme with words like minors
If that's what you thought it was
then you were wrong

Refrain x 6 1/2 times plus guitar solo and optional power windows. Fade Out and grab a beer, but not a good beer cuz you can't afford good beer, you'll have to drink that domestic crap out of a can like Coors or Borax. Was there a point to this? I forgot. Did you get the butter? I forgot the butter. Make somebody else get it. I'm in the tub. Not the butter tub though, that would be gross.