Sunday, November 5, 2006

Blah, Blah, Pumpkin, Blah, Blah!

Pictured above are some strange treat called "Pumpkin Dreams" or some such nonsense. They are a roundish bite sized ball that has some sort of cookie type inside and covered by a powdered sugar and spice outside. These aren't too bad. They have a lot of flavor, pumpkin and other assorted spices. The problem is that they are waaaaay too rich. One is plenty. Not like in a candy corn kind of way, but it's just that one of them is so strong that you can really only eat one and then wait a week before eating another.
3 pumpkins. Good flavor, too strong to eat more than one.

From the Book O' Stupidity, Volume 2:
Rules for Box Football
Box football was a sport that I had completely forgotten about until I read about this in the BOS. Back in High School, David and I were frequently bored and by ourselves. We liked to play football, but only having two people made it difficult to play an entertaining game, thus box football was born.
Box Football can be played in nearly any size area and the only requirements are:
1) a ball
2) a box that is larger than the ball
The offensive player had four downs to somehow get the ball into the box. Since we were terrible passers, this usually entailed running with the ball and dropping it into the box as we ran past it. Plus, once the brilliant defensive tactic known as "stand directly in front of the box" was enacted, there was a 0% chance of passing the ball into the box without getting intercepted. I'm not sure we EVER had a passing touchdown.
This game was normally played in my front yard. The box was placed on the other side of the driveway and the offensive had to move the ball from basically the middle of the yard, across the driveway, and into the box. I think we stuck socks into the back of our pants and used flag football rules instead of tackle. This was due to the fact that we spent so much time on the driveway and also because David was (and is) a big wuss.
Judging by all of the other incomplete entries in the BOS, it should come as no surprise that I never finished writing down all of the rules for box football. In fact, rule number four ends mid-sentence. At any rate, here the 4 (3 1/2?) rules I have for Box Football:
1) 1 run per possession
2) Cannot run on "shotgun"
3) On kickoff, can only go to beginning of driveway
4) If pass hits box (on fly) but does not go in, replay of down and
There you have it. With a little luck, some college will adopt this as an intramural sport and perhaps it will become an Olympic sport.
I just hope my Mom's front yard can withstand all the activity.