Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dang, I'm lazy

Wow... it's been a week. Let's see...
I got a job. Starting Monday, I will be a member of Nestle USA doing a supply chain/customer support thing for Nestle's Wal-Mart division. It sounds like a good gig. And it's the job I was looking for last year when I was trying to get out of the pub. Instead I found the meat heads and Rod.
But the future is looking much better now...
I posted some new pictures on the 360. Some new doggie pics, some new random pics, and pics from our trip to Vegas. Go, view, enjoy.
Currently, I'm reading "Coyote Blue" by Christopher Moore. I don't know what's up with me, but lately I've been reading fiction. Granted it's mostly Christopher Moore or Douglas Adams, but it's actually been a nice escape. Some upcoming fiction I want to read: "The Third Policeman" by Flann O'Brien, "Anything for Billy" by Larry McMurtry, "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova, and numerous Nick Hornby books.
If you haven't read any Christopher Moore stuff, I highly recommend him. Imagine if Stephen King had an idea and the Douglas Adams wrote the book.
So just a few hours ago, Texas executed an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Angel Maturino Resendiz, aka "The Railroad Killer", killed at least 15 people around the US back in the late 90's. Mexico, you know, our neighbors to the south, complained and demanded he be spared because he was mentally unfitto be executed. He wasn't mentally unfit to brutally rape, stab, and bludgeon to death a med student in her own home, but that's beside the point. The state found him competant, so whatever.
If Mexico is so upset, why don't they demand to have him sent back to Mexico and placed in one of their jails/mental institutions (at Mexico's expense). He was one of their citizens, here illegally. Maybe they did offer, I don't know, but I don't see that in any of the news reports. Hey Mexico, instead of acting idignant about the US "mistreating" the [ILLEGAL] Mexicans here, why don't you stop mistreating your citizens that still reside in Mexico? Then maybe they wouldn't leave Mexico and come here...
World Cup: Bruce Arena needs to go. Australia got screwed. Ronaldo ain't done yet. Ronaldinho ain't done much. Rooney needs to score. England and Germany still going. France CAN actually score goals.
My pal Ray wants to have a "Mix CD" competition. So far, it's between him and me, but we're looking for other participants. What we're looking for is a mix CD that is random as hell and yet, still flows. Basically, put your DJ skills to the test. Design the craziest mix of music that just blends together into a work of art. Anybody interested? Let me know.
A quick word to the Dallas Mavs: You guys had better be hungrier next year, that's all I got to say. Ya'll really disappointed me.
I tried to use natural fertilizer in the garden, but that didn't work. All I could ever grow was corn.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Nothing special

Well, it's day 2 of the vacation/unemployment...
Last week was a huge disappointment. Nobody at work talked to me about much of anything. I heard through HR that management had no interest in trying to come to any sort of an agreement. So, that just further reinforces my belief that leaving that rat hole was a good idea. Oh well... they can go about their business and I can go about mine.
(I tell ya though, after working there, and seeing some of poor management and questionable meat handling procedures, it makes me not want to buy ground beef from most of the local grocery stores...)
***itunes currently playing: Bad Medicine - Bon Jovi***
So the other night, we were coming home from Cousin's BBQ in Crowley and there's this car that passes us that just has my mind spinning as to what the backstory is. This car is a rental car, being driven poorly (weaving a little, crossing the solid lines) by an older woman, and it has two kitchen chairs upright in the backseat (so that you can only see the backs of the chairs through the rear window). What in the heck is going on here? A drunk woman rents a car to transport a portion of a set of kitchen furniture? Why? Well, maybe she wasn't drunk... I don't know... maybe she's a lizard person who never learned to drive...
***itunes currently playing: Why's Everybody Always Pickin' On Me?- Bloodhound Gang***
I've had a couple of job interviews already, but no confirmations one way or the other. There are a couple of other places that might call, but I don't know. I hope I get a job soon.
Dallas Mavericks: I'm going to say they'll lose. Yep. Done. Screwed it up. Why? Because that's exactly what I said when it looked like Phoenix was about to do something. I'm a pessimist. And I think they do better when I have no confidence in them.
Team USA: Ranked 5th in the world my butt. I don't know who's at fault here, but these guys seem to be pretty undisciplined and aren't working well as a team.... soooooo.... I'm thinking Bruce Arena needs to go bye-bye
***itunes currently playing: Don't Ask Me - Public Image Limited***
Well, I guess it's about time to go watch England v Sweden and go through some boxes of gargbage!

Monday, June 12, 2006

What a fascinating weekend...

Well... I haven't written in a few days. Why? Because things just got weird.
Friday morning, I get to work about midnight and check my email. I have a message sent to me by my "boss" (aka Junior Controller Rod Dugan). I had been expecting this email at some point, but it still pissed me off.
See, with my current schedule, I almost never see Rod (henceforth known as "Dumbass"). That's a problem... for Dumbass. See, he's the type of guy who is full of himself and looks to try and pass work off to those he sees as lesser employees. That way, he can spend more time micromanaging the air that he breathes and not get any real work done.
Dumbass is in his mid-late 20's (26? 27? somewhere around there), a a somewhat recent graduate of Texas Tech. He has an accounting degree. He has not passed the CPA (or even started the process) as of yet. Apparently, he started as some kind of IT guy with the company while he was in school and worked here on school breaks. When he graduated, some other stuff happened and he became one of two JUNIOR Controllers (along with Jared, the guy who hired me). Dumbass refuses to acknowledge that he is a Jr. Controller (his email sig just says Controller) despite the fact that he IS a JUNIOR Controller. Anyway, whatever.
So Dumbass goes down one of our other locations (nicknamed "The Fort") and works his Sabrina the Teenage Bitch magic down there. (Note: The Fort has been notoriously poorly run and has lost money until only recently. The turnaround started when people like Dumbass were less involved).
More exciting backstory. I entered the scene last August. Jared needed an inventory analyst (note "analyst") for the fresh ground meat division of the company (AFF) because the guy who was doing it was also in charge of inventory for the frozen patty division (TAFS) and was working about 75 hours a week and couldn't take it any more. So, we find each other.
Now, during the interview process, I was specifically told that my schedule would be coming in a 6 AM, 6 days a week, but that should be temorary, perhaps 4-5 months. Then, once some procedures had been put into place, I should be able to do 7 or 7:30, 5 days a week (with occasional Saturdays when necessary). Since a big reason I wanted to leave the pub was that the schedule sucked (tired of working nights and weekends, sometimes 6 days... want to spend more time with my wife), a day schedule was very important to me. I figured, okay, temporary... I can deal with that. So I took the job, despite some initial doubts.
It became pretty clear that the 6 days a week, coming in early thing wasn't going to change. The nature of the job prevents it. However, when they started telling me I essentially needed to be in at 4 AM to effectively get reports to them when they wanted them, we had a problem. I am not an early riser to begin with, but I'd have to go to bed by about 8 pm to get enough sleep and still get up and get to work by 4. Plus, school was starting and I had night classes in Denton. So, I decided to try some sort of compromise. I'd come in and work overnights. They could get their reports on time and I'd have a better sleep and home life.
I skipped a part of the story. About two months after I got hired, Jared (who strangely enough, we discovered, used to work with 2-Tons & Nate at some place in Arlington) quit to take a better job somewhere else. Short story for that was, Jared got his CPA and the company didn't want to give him anything. So rather than remaining stuck in a job with little chance of advancement, he left. So, the guy that was supposed to teach me what I needed to know and help me become effective just up and left.
After about a month of not really having a boss, they finally (we all knew it was likely) installed Dumbass as the JUNIOR Controller for both AFF & The Fort. Thus, he became my "boss."
It started going downhill pretty quick. He bagan making noises about how he needed "time" with me and then started giving me the stupid assignments that were accounting things and had nothing to do with our inventory. It made more sense when we had a discussion one day and he, in an attempt to throw his perceived weight around, said, "Now, what's your title? Inventory Control Clerk." I very quickly corrected him. I'm an analyst. I have nothing against clerks. They manage to keep business running because they have to do the crap work. But I'm not going to be called a clerk for the same reason you don't call a sergeant "private."
So this went on for a bit. I had a yelling match with him one day. But mostly, he'd try and make me do his crap work and I just generally ignored him. Then the schedule change came and he was surprisingly okay with it. Of course, he still wanted some "time" with me and we'd look at my schedule again later when the semester was over.
The three problems with this are:
The schedule change wasn't just about school. Production needs their reports very early and I'm not willing to go to bed an hour after my wife gets home in order to get them what they need on time.
I'm planning on being in school year round
Dumbass doesn't usually show up until 9:30 in the morning. Everybody else is here by 8, but he justifies his late entrance because he "works late." Of course, it doesn't help that he goofs off for the first 2 hours and then goes to lunch, so he never really gets any work done before mid-afternoon anyway. That, and he loves talking to people on the phone. he's one of these types that will take 5 minutes to tell you something that should take 30 seconds.
So anyway, everything is relatively okay for a few months. then as May comes (end of semester), he starts yakking about changing my schedule. He needs about 4 hours a day with me so I need to come in later and stay later. Well, do the math. I have to be in a 4 AM, he doesn't get in until 9:30, lunch at 11:30. So to have 4 hours with him, I'd be at work until 2 PM. 10 hour days? Bedtime at 8 pm? Screw dat!
So, I managed to avoid the issue for the next month. Another problem though, is that Dumbass doesn't listen to anybody who tells him something he doesn't agree with. So, when I say "I'm in school year-round AND I'm not going to come in at 4 AM because that screws up time with my wife" he pays no attention whatsoever.
Which brings us, finally, to Friday's email.
The email said "I will be in at 7:30 so we can discuss some projects and your schedule." And I went ballistic. We have one less stack of styrofoam cups in the office, by the way. I was pissed off.
So I talked to Joey later on (Joey is the TAFS inventory guy... the 75 hour a week guy). Joey sits next Dumbass so he gets to hear most of what goes on. He warned me that Dumbass was pretty adamant about me coming in early. Later, I talked to the wife and discussed it with her. It was decided that either my schedule didn't change or I was quitting.
So 7:30 rolls around. Dumbass calls me to tell me he's ready. I take another ten minutes to finish what I'm doing and finally go upstairs. On the way, I try and calm myself down. I just want to make my position known. Be firm without going nuts.
He ushers me into the conference room and shuts the doors. He motions for me to take a seat and he sits down. I remain standing, arms crossed looking down at him. He begins with blah, blah, blah schedule. I said I wasn't going to do that. It messes up my home & school life. I counter with "Why don't you come in earlier?" Dumbass says he can't do that. At this point. It's pretty obvious how this is going to end.
I ask him how vital my spending time with him is. He says very vital. So I tell him that since he's insisting that I change my schedule, then he can consider this my 2-week notice. He sits there with a smug look on his face staring at me, dead silent. The smug look is always on his face. The silence means I nailed him and that he never saw that coming.
He tries to start talking. "Now, I came here to discuss your schedule..." at which point I started yelling at him about how I wasn't going to change my schedule. There were things about how I wanted to spend more time with my wife and not him because I wasn't married to him, how I felt like the company had sold me a bill of goods with the empty promise of my desired schedule, and how I was done compromising. Somewhere in there I told him to shut up.
Then he said some stupid bull about why he needed me to ruin my life to help him out and that was it. I tore into him. I made it a point to jam "Junior Controller" down his throat, told him he was useless and lazy, how he just tries to give the work he doesnt want to do to other people, how he never gets things done on time and how all I ever hear about is how somebody is waiting for Dumbass to finish something because it's late.
He interjects that I need to stop belittling hima dn show some respect. I immediately counter with the fact that he's never done anything to earn my respect. I think I told him to shut up again and continue to smash his ivory tower to bits. Eventually, I got tired of yelling at him and told him again, this was my notice and walked out. He said something like "Fine" and came out behind me.
I went down to my office and started packing up my stuff. I called the distribution manager (who I like) and let him know what happened. The raw materials manager works in the same office as me and overheard. He wasn't happy and started talking to me about it. Then the florr manager came in and found out. Both of them we're trying to get me to rethink quitting. Just take some time over the weekened and maybe come in Monday and change your mind. I said no way. They really seemed kind of in a panic. Floyd, the overall production manager was out of the office, but I said if they wanted to call Floyd and tell him to call me, I would talk to Floyd.
Anyway, I went home. Talked to my wife for a bit until she went to work. Ate some cereal and watched some TV to try and unwind so I could go to bed. The phone rang. It was the HR director.
I had a nice conversation with her. She said dumbass had been in and she wanted to get my side of the story. I related what happened, explained why it happened, and my overall feelings on Rod and the situation. I said I probably shouldn't have acted the way I did, but I'm not apologising to him and I meant everything I said. Amazingly, she starts asking me if there was anything she or anyone else could do to convince me to stay. I was stunned, but I said that first off, I had to be assured that I would have no contact with Dumbass whatsoever. That was non-negotiable. that had to be on the table before I'd even think of coming back. She said she'd talk to some of the other manager types.
I came in Saturday morning and talked to Joey. Joey just started laughing. He said apparently I really hurt Dumbass' feelings since he just kind of sat around all afternoon looking like he'd been beaten. And, apparently, I caused quite a stir as everybody up the chain of command got involved and there were quick little meetings all morning. Floyd talked to some people and indicated that they couldn't afford to lose me.
I don't know what, if anything, will come from this. I'll be glad to tell anybody here anything they want to know. I've got plenty of opinions and observations about how this company works. As for me staying? Well, I've got some demands that I doubt they'll meet so I'm planning on being unemployed in two weeks. I'm already looking as hard as I can (so if any of you know of a job I can have, let me know).
Yep, I lived the dream. I yelled at and insulted my boss to his face and then quit. It felt good. Despite the incredible anxiety I have about not having a job, it was definitely the right thing to do.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Bits & Pieces

World Cup starts tomorrow. I'm backing England (who won't win it) and the US. Teams I throw support behind: Sweden, Netherlands, France, Germany. Teams I hate and hope they somehow manage to not make it out of the group stages: Brazil, all other South American teams, Italy, and Mexico.
I hate my job. If you have a good job, please tell me how I can get one too.
Who is James Patterson and why should I care? Is he the latest writer that the unwashed, stupid masses like to read? Sounds like it. I keep hearing this commercial with these dopey sounding people raving about "Beach Road." I think I'll pass and continue reading "Practical Demonkeeping" by Christopher Moore (highly entertaining!) and then on to "The Third Policeman" by Flann O'Brien. I don't need to read books that are super popular. My mind has a hard time equating popular with good. (See: AOL, American Idol, Larry the Cable Guy)
If you can't tell, I don't have much of importance to talk about today. But, I'm trying to make myself write everyday. Writing is something that must be done regularly, like exercise, to stay sharp. Obviously since my writings tend to be dull, I'm out of shape.
Dear President Bush,
I don't care what you are doing this very second, but stop it. Chances are, whatever you're doing is stupid, a waste of time, and possibly unconstitutional.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006


(Note: I use BCE & CE (Before the Common Era & Common Era) instead of the cult-centric BC & AD)
Well, well... it's June 6th... whoopity doo!
Some fools out there are making a big deal out of it. Why? Because the date has three 6's in it... you know... like the "Mark of the Beast" thing. Of course, these same people who try and play this up seem to conveniently ignore the fact that in even the most simplified form of the date (6/6/06) still has a zero in it.
So, what really are we looking at here? The 6th day, of the 6th month, of the 6th year... of... what? The current semi-arbitrary man-created (and incorrect based on the presumed start point) millennial point on one particular calendar? Dang. That's frightening. Surely some supernatural, cosmic event shall occur on this day because the arabic numbers (man made representations) can be manipulated to kind of resemble an identifier of a purely Christian antagonist. Hell, the number itself is debated (it has also been translated to be "616").
First of all, this date is not a universal date. Granted, most of the planet uses this calendar, at least from a business perspective, but not everybody holds this calendar to be an accurate measurement of years since the birth of Jesus. And about that... chances are, Jesus was more likely born earlier than 1 BCE (or 1 CE). A lot of evidence points to around 7-5 BCE or perhaps even after 1 CE. So, the chances are extremely high that this year is NOT 2006 (by the intended source year). In fact, there is a really good chance that we've already passed "2006".
This is much the same reason I drove people nuts with my "the year 2000 is NOT the new millennium" rant years ago. (Along with the wrong birth year of Jesus, however, 2000 ENDED the millennium and 2001 STARTED the millennium because there was no year zero).
I think if there was going to be a date with 6's in it that was going to have significance, the year 666 would have been it. But nothing happened there. So I think trying to apply wacky Christian numerology to the Gregorian calendar is pretty stupid. If evil has to really reach for the "666" thing to work, then how evil is it really? Every day is 666 days from something (August 4, 2004), every year is 666 years from something (1340 was a pretty boring year).
An what exactly are we afraid of? The actual "anti-christ" that the number supposedly represents has no real foundation in anything other than Revelation. Sure "Satan", "Lucifer", and the "Devil" are all mentioned elsewhere, but there is a debate about what these names actually represent and who they represent. Depending on where the terms are used, they probably don't even refer to the same entity. The "anti-christ" is usually described as an individual or an individual in a group, but there is nothing to attach the number to a timestamp. And it's pretty much described as something that is completely the opposite of or denies Jesus. Well, gee, that narrows it down. Sure there's a bunch of other hotly debated events in Revelation (that probably resemble a Terry Gilliam fever dream), but the point is.... it's all pointless. Nobody can accurately decipher what the f$%@ is actually going on in Revelation, every detail of it is debated, and even the beings that supposedly inspired this vision of an afternoon with Hunter S. Thompson admit that they don't seem to sure when it's gonna happen either.
So. June 6, 2006. Just another fascinating day in the progression of fascinating days. Stupid people will be born and stupid people will die. And the world goes on.
Stop wasting time worrying about the significance of numbers representing human measurement of time.
Today's Julian date is 2453892.
Today's Jewish calendar date is 10 Sivan, 5766.
Today's Islamic calendar date is 9 Jumada I-Ula 1427.
Today's Persian calendar date is 16 Khordad 1835.
For more calendar conversions, go here.

Monday, June 5, 2006

myspace sucks

Do you have a myspace page? Probably. Everybody has one. Celebrities have them, bands that are trying to get heard have them, Goths have them, stupid adolescent children have them. It's basically the AOL of personal webpages.

I have a myspace page. It's a wasteland. I have 27 "friends." Of those 27 friends, 6 are actually friends. The others:
8 bands (2 contain actual friends, 2 acquaintances. 5 bands I have actually listened to, none of them have I seen)
2 acquaintances (1 is a friend of a friend, the other is a guy who only knows me through email)
8 celebrities that don't know me from pudding
3 "Other" (a radio show, a radio station, and a comedy act)
Meanwhile, my blog has two stupid posts. The rest of it is a bunch of lists of crap I like and something that almost resembles a resume. It looks like a monkey crapped a Spencer's Gifts and flung it on a wall.

And THAT is why I hate myspace. Do you remember when you were a kid and you had your room "decorated" with all the now embarrassing pop culture merchandising? And whenever somebody new came over you dragged that person into your room to show them how much you love whatever junk you proudly displayed. That's how my room was. Posters of cars, Nolan Ryan, Star Wars, Transformers, whatever band I liked that week, Halloween decorations, Christmas lights, an oddball assortment of ticket stubs and knickknacks, comic books, a taco, the Red Spot of Death, sombreros... crap like that. My walls were covered with stuff. It would take you forever to identify it all. It was a small, poorly financed museum of teenage nerdocity.

Now, imagine all that mess smashed onto one webpage. That is your average myspace page. Too many colors, too many pictures, loud music, way too many tiny words. It makes my head hurt trying to decipher these things.

I realize that for most of these people, myspace is the only way that they can show their uniqueness to the world and at the same time, show how popular they are with their thousands of friends they have never met.

Tom, the guy who created this waste of myspace, currently has 83,070,192 friends. Before he created myspace, Tom had 3 friends, if you count his Mom (she doesn't) and his goldfish. Tom realized that he could be the most popular guy in the world if he could create something on the web that appeals to people the way American Idol appeals to people. That appeal: mindless waste of time that has little value but allows the average hillbilly or teenage girl the appearance of actually being a part of something that is popular (like voting for which hack will get be "American Idol." Don't get me started. Why aren't the Christians condemning this show for trying to get teenagers to worship idols? Whatever...).

So there. myspace sucks. If you have a myspace page and don't agree with me... whatever. You could leave a comment, but chances are, it will have poor grammar and spelling, little or no punctuation, and a lack of logic that rivals an episode of 90210.

Guess what, myspace ain't cool anymore. It's nothing but losers trying to show off and commercials for people trying to sell themselves.

If I thought anybody actually read this blog... I might feel like a hypocrite. Instead, I'm just a pathetic guy writing a blog about how much he hates myspace.

I need a porch, a rocking chair, and a shotgun....


Friday, June 2, 2006

Marriage Loopholes & the rest of Vegas

Okay, before I finish my (details forgotten) vacation to Vegas, I have to bring this up.
Since I work in the middle of the night (stupid job), I listen to radio talk shows online. So, last night, I was listening to "Lovelines" through the KLLI (Live 105.3) website (Why am I plugging things that I don't get paid for?) and an odd topic came up that nobody seems to know the answer.
This woman says that she's a lesbian who is married to a man who is almost done with a sex change process. So, her husband will soon be a woman. Thus, she will be married to a woman. Now, the person is the same person who has made body modifications, so is the marriage still valid?
The man and the woman never divorced and the man didn't die. He just changed some aspects of his body and presumably changed his name. So, legally I don't think anything occurred to negate the marriage. But gay & lesbian marriage isn't legal. Soooooo..... is this a fascinating loophole or does it negate the original license? I don't know. If you know, please tell me.
Okay, continuing my violation of the "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" rule...
Monday, May 15th
We got up.
While Leigh got ready, I went to Starbucks. It's a 24-hour Starbucks. Can you stand the excitement?
We wandered around. Investigated the monorail. Decided it wasn't worth it.
Went to Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden. There are a lot of people who know about the "Secret" Garden. I think an angry former employee must have leaked the location. Of course, I'm sure that the girl at the ticket counter gets fewer books read now that people actually come to the secret garden. Yeah, this is stupid. I'll stop.
We saw the dolphins. Dolphins are cool. I could watch dolphins all day. They are smarter than people. Period. If I could pick an animal to come back as, it'd be a dolphin.
We saw the lions & tigers & leopards & alpaca & chickens. It was warm and daytime so none of them were doing much. Big Cats are nocturnal (like me) so they lay around and sleep all day (like me). But they are still some cool animals.
Then (I think) we went to the buffet and the Mirage. It was good, but I ate too much. It was uncomfortable actually. And the desserts were kinda crappy, but everything else was damn good.
Then we headed over to some other hotel to see the penguins. But the penguins were gone. They had moved to the Dallas Zoo (go figure).
There were, however, many other interesting birds. I saw an Ibis, which is a really neat bird. And there were many cute ducks... I love ducks. And there were swans and big fish and some other birds that I don't remember now.
We saw the worst Elvis impersonator ever. He looked like Hawaiian guy on Barney Miller and was lip-synching
We wandered around looking for shoes.
Watched an idiotic animatronic mumbling show involving Bacchus at the Caesar's Palace mall. I think the pirates were better.
I'm drawing a blank for the rest of the afternoon.
Oh, wait... we went to the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum thing at the Venetian. Great paintings from Rubens and other contemporaries. It was quiet and not very crowded. Probably doesn't appeal to your average Vegas visitor. I thought it was great.
Went back to the hotel and changed clothes.
Got a cab.
Went to the Rio.
Ate dinner at an overpriced crummy hamburger place. Watched part of the Mavericks game.
Went to see Penn & Teller. It was good. I nodded off once or twice, but that was not a reflection of the show. After the show, we got autographs and pictures with Penn & Teller.
Got another cab.
Went to bed.
Tuesday, May 16th
Got up.
Got ready
Went to Starbucks. Had breakfast. Saw a drunk Italian who was trying to get water from the Starbucks girls. He didn't understand that he needed to pay for it.
Went down the other way on the Strip.
Debated about going to see another show (Either Ka or Blue Man Group). Leaning toward BMG.
Went to 9 Fine Irishmen for lunch. Had fish & chips. They were pretty good. Couldn't eat it all. Getting sick of food at this point.
Went by Excalibur. Saw Merlin in the tower. Discussed why my first thought was "I wish I had a sniper rifle. That would be an easy kill."
Rode a train thingy to whatever freakin hotel the aquarium is at. I liked the hotel but I have no idea which one it is.
Went to the aquarium. Loved it. They had a couple of crocodiles. Glass was all that separated us from the crocs. So, I got to look at the crocs from about 8 inches away. Awesome. Crocodiles (and aligators) are some of the coolest animals ever. They, like sharks, are almost perfect from an evolutionary standpoint. Millions of years with virtually no modifications.
Saw many types of fish like catfish, rays, pirahna, and numerous other tropical exotic fish. Aso saw jellyfish. Those things are weird.
There was a petting pool where you could touch some small sharks and rays. I didn't feel the need to, but I think some of the fish were actually enjoying it.
Got to the giant undersea tank. There were sawfish, sand tiger sharks, reef sharks, random fish, and the coolest sea turtle. That sea turtle was really awesome to watch. It would swim right up to the glass so you could get a good look.
Left the aquarium
Got back on the train and went to the Luxor. Went through the replica of Tut's tomb. Pretty neat. The Luxor is pretty interesting too. I think I was getting vertigo looking up at the ceiling.
Saw a guy in an Arsenal shirt.
Decided I was exhausted so we got a cab back to the Aladdin.
Went to the buffet at the Aladdin. Was so tired of eating, I was craving salad. Worst Caesar salad ever.
Watched TV and went to sleep.
Wednesday, May 17
Got up.
Got ready and packed
Checked out
Left our bags at the desk
Went to the Paris for breakfast. Very nice place and a good buffet.
Went in search of a place to watch the Arsenal v Barcelona Champions League Final
Met a guy who was also looking for the game. I can't remember his name now. He used to live in Dallas but now lives in LA. He's an acquaintance of Drew Carey and was on teh game show "Distraction." Anyway, we went to Bally's and put bets on the game (he put $60 on barcelona, I put $10 on Arsenal). Then we went back to the Paris and sat in the bar and watched the game. It was fitting to watch the game at the Paris hotel since the game was being played in Paris, France.
Had to leave midway through the second half.
Went to catch our shuttle.
Shuttle to the airport with a crazy driver.
Got to airport.
Checked in
Ate at Burger King. It cost nearly $20 for two people to eat at Burger King in the Vegas airport.
Got on the plane.
Had a terrible flight. It was bumpy. They showed a movie, but I didn't pay attention (It was Cassanova with Heath Ledger). At least there were no snakes.
Landed at DFW. Waited forever for our luggage.
Got on the shuttle to the parking spot.
Found our car.
Went home
Thus endeth the narrative.