Thursday, July 13, 2006


*Warning... what follows is basically my train of thought from this afternoon while on a break at work. When I stopped and thought about where this went, I thought it'd make a good blog, even though it goes all over the place. Add to the fact that it is now about 8 hours after said internal conversation... well... I don't know how this will turn out*
Why the hell do we make sucha big deal about birthdays? We celebrate the anniversary of our emerging from the womb (after varying amounts of "production" time). Why is it such a big deal? For the most part, it has no real bearing on anything other than we mark another (not quite accurate) full rotation of the earth around the sun since the last time we marked the same momentous occasion. Bah! Why the fascination with labelling time into some half-assed organized thing.
And that whole sun thing... what if the sun actually DOES move around the earth and the earth really IS the center of the universe... where are the aliens? The universe is huge... there have gotta be aliens somewhere, right? I mean from either the creationist or the evolutionary viewpoint it would make sense for there to be other life forms SOMEwhere in the universe, right?
Science hasn't really found any proof and it doesn't want to say there is life out there since they haven't found any evidence, but the universe is ginormous and they've barely scratched the surface... I mean, if there ISN'T life somewhere out there, then doesn't that make the sheer unbelievable randomness of our existence just all the more incredible and pointless? I mean, we'd be nothing but the biggest, stupidest longshot that Vegas couldn't even put odds on. Why would we be the only sentient creatures in the vastness of space? That's nuts. What happened here HAS to have happened (or something similiar... maybe making nitrogen based life forms or something) somewhere else.
Of course the creationists would point to this as proof that a god (specifically, THEIR god) exists and that he created all this crap because the odds of it just happening are so incredibly high that it just couldn't have happened on it's own. Yeah, well, if god made earth and the rest of the universe... well... he's pretty wasteful of resources. What good is it to create all that other crap if this stupid little mudball is the only place with anything good to watch. That's like putting an ant farm somewhere in an otherwise empty Rose Bowl. Gigantic place... nothing going on but this stupid ant farm off to the side.
Do ants think about this crap?
And what about the other creation stories? Maybe it wasn't so much intelligent design as some god ate a bad bowl of noodles and vomited the universe one afternoon. Where does THAT put us?
Logic... that's what it's all about... except that religion cannot co-exist with logic... meaning that god must be the antithesis of logic... makes sense... people always talk about his plan... but there is no logic to his plan... it's just some willy-nilly chain of events, much like 8 year olds during summer vacation. There is no logic there... if there was, things would make sense and we wouldn't have to go around saying, "Well, it's all part of God's mysterious plan." You can't play the game right if you don't know the rules and there is no way to learn the rules because the Catholics and the Protestants and the Muslims and the Jews and the Mormons and the Scientologists and the Flying Spaghetti Monster all write different rule books and none of them get along. Maybe we should just let Parker Brothers write the definitive rules of life and we'll just go by that.
What the hell am I talking about? I don't know.
*And that... is a typical 5 continuous minutes in my head*

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