Thursday, January 5, 2006

Matt Leinart is a jerkweed

From the AP report of the Rose Bowl:

Said Leinart: "I still think we're a better football team, they just made the plays in the end."

Dear Matt "Sore Loser" Leinart,

The better team was the one that won the game. Why? Because the best teams don't get cocky without properly preparing yourself. See, if you were as good as you thought you were, you would have won. The Better Team prepares for anything. The Better Team makes the key plays. The Better Team overcomes it's mistakes. That was not USC. They COULD have been the better team, but they instead decided to rely on the overconfident swagger they took to the game instead of thoroughly analyzing their opponents game strategies.
Consider these quotes:
"Well, we couldn't stop them when we had to," USC coach Pete Carroll said. "The quarterback ran all over the place." - AP
See, the "Better Team" stops the other team when they have to. That's what makes them "Better."
"We didn't get it done." Pete Carroll - AP
The "Better Team" gets the job done. See when you're "better" than somebody else, you don't leave a job less completed than the "non-better" group.
"I don't feel like we played well as a team today." Reggie Bush - AP
So, the "Better Team" didn't even perform like a team? Does that make any sense?
"We didn't tackle well. Hats off to them. We didn't understand how big and strong the guy really is. When you see a guy standing eye-to-eye to you, and he weighs just as much as you weigh, he poses a threat." Frostee Rucker -
Oh look, your team came unprepared. It wasn't as if Vince and the rest of the Longhorns weren't on TV like 12 times before you played them. Do you not have the ability to read press kits where it gives players heights & weights? Wow. I'm not impressed with "The Better Team" at all.
"Do whatever it takes." Vince Young - AP
And THAT is what the "Better Team" does.
So, Mr. Rose-Bowl-Loser-who-ain't-gonna-be-a-#1 pick, you and your team and your coach came into this game unprepared for the no-huddle, unaware of the speed of the D, somehow oblivious to the size of Vince, and unable to make plays when it counted. You failed the final exam. You ain't graduating college football valedictorian. You are second place.
And second place means that somebody else was better.
Have fun in the NFL, probably with a team that USC actually was "better" than.- AP

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