Monday, January 23, 2006


I went and saw Munich over the weekend. It was pretty good. Very intense.
What I walked away with was the sheer futility of the bloody fighting going on for this strip of land. It's nothing but endless retaliations. And what do the sides gain from this? Nothing. Just dead people and more children who are raised to believe that violence is their way of life.
These two sides are beyond talking... hell, they're beyond compromise. It won't be over until there is only one group of people who want this land left alive.
My question is, if some deity has granted ownership of this land to somebody and supposedly insists that they control it, why doesn't that deity get it's ass down here and do something about it. Seems hard to fathom that if some god really and truly has a preference as to who owns this wasteland, he'd rather kick back and let his chosen group make no progress towards gaining complete control. Some god that is. Jerk.

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