Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Hey Mexico! Get a clue!

More stupid news from stupid people:

Mexico protests shooting death of border-crosser
Mon Jan 2, 7:26 PM ET
Mexico protested the US Border Patrol's shooting of a young man attempting to cross illegally into the United States, after the man died in a Mexico hospital.
"We cannot tolerate this situation," said Alberto Lozano, a spokesman for the Mexican consulate in San Diego after the shooting Friday near San Ysidro, just south of San Diego.
According to Kevin Rooney of the San Diego police, a Border Patrol agent opened fire on the Guillermo Martinez-Rodriguez after he crossed the border with two other men late Friday.
Martinez-Rodriguez fled back into Mexico and died the next day in a Tijuana hospital.
According to Rooney, Martinez-Rodriguez had picked up some rocks and appeared about to throw them when the agent fired his gun.
The men were crossing at a fenced area of the border which the government is planning to fortify with multiple fences and a patrol road.

Okay, so the Mexican government is upset that one of their citizens was shot and killed. They aren't bothered that this guy was attempting to leave Mexico and enter another country illegally. No. They're pissed off because one of their citizens (who was trying to leave their country) was killed by another country trying to protect it's own border.
Dear Mexico, get a freaking clue. We don't owe your citizens anything. What's unacceptable is that your citizens don't feel as though they can make a life in your country so they illegally come here to do it. We are not your welfare office.
The Mexican government are a bunch of jackasses that seem to think they're owed something by the US. Guess what... we don't owe you squat.

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