Monday, October 29, 2007

Random musings and pumpkin tarts

I've decided that Britney Spears, within the next two years will either:A) Become a born again Christian who has discovered the error of her ways, finds Jesus and starts making terrible records like "Confess, baby, one more time" orB) Be dead

She's just that messed up. Those are pretty much the only options for somebody that wacko. If it's "B", maybe we'll get a lucky trifecta and Brit, Paris, and Lindsey will all be out in an SUV that rolls into a ditch and blows up.Today's pumpkin review is for the Archer Farms 4" Pumpkin Tart. Found this one in the Target bakery for $2.99. It's 6 oz of tasty pumpkin goodness (with dollop of cream and a chocolate stick). Don't look at the Nutrition Facts (especially since this thing is supposed to serve 2).It has a good pumpkin flavor but I can't say this is fanamatastic since it largely tastes like a mini-pumpkin pie with extra crust (not that I mind... I like crust). It was good and I'd recommend it, but it isn't the pumpkin find of the year. 4 out of 5 pumpkins.An aside: it went quite well with the Blue Moon Winter Ale (Target was out of the BM Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale, which will be reviewed later). Both were consumed while watching another dandy episode of Reaper.

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