Sunday, March 23, 2014

Giving things new, exciting names

While most people in the Universe in the Galaxy on Earth in the USA are all aflutter about March Madness (trademark? whatever) and the NCAA basketball tournament (Go Cards!), there are some other tournaments out there that exist. Granted, these lesser known (and followed) tournaments are to the NCAAs as Chachi is to Fonzi, but some people* like to follow them.

I sometimes keep track of the NIT (National Irrelevant Tournament.... or something) because 1) I am drawn to stupid, trivial information and 2) I like to see if teams I hate lose.

Anyway, SMU was snubbed by the NCAAs despite being ranked and playing well at home. But they got a #1 seed in the NIT. So, since I hate SMU and have a serious mental problem that I can't completely control that draws me to things that inevitably just make me crazy, I went to see how they were doing. They won their first game. But that's not what I'm writing about.

See, I also noticed that the University of Southern Mississippi is also in the NIT. They are better known by their nickname "Southern Miss", which conjures up images of young women in pastel petticoat dresses serving hot chocolate.

SMU is how SMU students spell "Southern Methodist University" (because "Southern" "Methodist" and "University" are big words). They also have other nicknames for SMU, like "Smoo" and "The Harvard of the South" and the funny untrue internet joke about how "Craig James killed 5 hookers while at SMU."

Sometimes, I hear them referred to as just "Southern Methodist."

Well, I like what USM does (University of Southern Mississippi not "Unstoppable Sex Machine" ala "Carter USM", a fabulous band from the UK that awesome crazy music like "Bloodsport for All" and "Sheriff Fatman") with the whole "Southern Miss" thing.

(Have you figured out where this is going yet? Do you need a minute? Because I really shouldn't even have to write anything else for you to reach the lame ass punchline to a joke that involved waaaaaaaaay too much set-up)

SMU should try doing something like that and just go by "Southern Meth"

*by "some people", I specifically mean the fanbases of teams that are playing in it.

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