Monday, October 27, 2008

Almost moderately not completely unknown

So, they other day, I sent out an email to some friends of mine alerting them to the snarky comedic goodness that is The Comics Curmudgeon, a daily blog hopelessly devoted to mocking ridiculous newspaper comic strips (like Mary Worth and the Family Circus and that awful thing called Pluggers). Among the people I sent this to was one Robert Philpot, entertainment/television critic type guy (and former radio columnist) for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Rob and I have had an informal sort of friendship from back in the days when I was a DJ on KTCU and he was desperate for any radio news. I figured Rob might like it. Apparently he did as he proceeded to give it (and me and this blog) a little write up in the Startlegram's online Pop Cultural District blog. Wasn't expecting that. I don't know if it will actually increase traffic to this thing, but maybe I should start posting regularly now...

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