Friday, October 14, 2005

Intelligent Design is a crock o' shite

If you want to force public schools to teach intelligent design, a theory that has no basis in fact or testable investigation, as an alternative viewpoint to evolution, that's fine.
As long as you force churches to teach evolution as an alternate viewpoint to intelligent design/creationism.
I love the people who claim that athiests and/or evolutionists believe themselves to be so egotistical that they have no use for a god. Obviously man is far too superior to have been created by some all-powerful being. That doesn't even make sense. If there is no god and evolution is the answer, then you must realize that man is actually unimportant and has no particular value to the universe at all. We're here by chance. There is no ego to it. There is no point to our existance, we just are.
Now, some all-powerful being that creates a vast universe and then essentially gives it to humans to rule and decrees that man is his greatest creation.... well.... THAT'S egotistical.

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