Monday, September 19, 2005

A Rotten Review - New TV Shows

Okay, so after the first couple of weeks, I've watched a few new shows. Here's what I thought:

Reunion: Fox, 9/8 Thursdays - Premise sounded cool. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way. What we have here is "The OC" (aka 90210) in a "Desperate Housewives" mystery with a "24" gimmick. Stupid, cookie cutter characters are boring and borderline unwatchable. I might watch this in summer repeats if I have nothing better to do. Or if "Alias" pisses me off as much as I think it might.

Bones: Fox, 8/7 Tuesdays - Again, cool premise. Turns out better than Reunion, but still not a hit. Characters are interesting, dialogue is witty, acting is good. But, the first episode story was bland. There wasn't enough forensic investigation. The mystery wasn't intersting enough and the direction really didn't seem to go anywhere. It seemed kinda lost to me. Haven't dumped it yet.

Supernatural: WB, 9/8 Tuesdays - So far, my favorite new show of the season. Young characters & actors who don't act like moron characters/actors from some usual teen show. Great effects and a cool underlying plot will hold this series together through the season. It's like all the non-mythology episodes of the X-Files (the ones that weren't dealing with the alien thing). Only problem, it's up against House, which is my favorite current show. Guess I'll be using my archaic VCR.

Threshold: CBS, 9/8 Fridays - I don't know. I watched the first half of this one. Not sure what it's about. Aliens I think. Kinda X-Filesish. Brent Spiner is cool. There was a dwarf guy who was pretty cool. My wife likes it. Might become the "Only thing on Friday night" show.
Looking forward to "My name is Earl", although I probably won't see that until summer either (it's up against House & Supernatural). "Everybody Hates Chris" might be fun. "Ghost Whisperer" looks retarded. Everything else looks like schlock.

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